Picking the appropriate domain name for your website is important for the progress of your online business. If you perchance choose an incorrect domain name, then it can be annoying to turnaround after investing time and money in developing your brand.

Let’s start with the beginning so that we can cover the entire gamut of getting your domain name right the first time itself.

domain extension

1. Domain Extension

If possible, stay with the .com extension and refrain from other fancy extensions. The reason. It’s generic and people assume that your website ends with a .com extension. That is enough reason for you to stick with .com. Some might argue that having a specific extension will work wonders. But there is not enough evidence for the claims. Sure, it will sound fancy, but they are expensive to purchase and ultimately your customer is going to wonder why the .com for your website/blog isn’t working.

short names are memorable

2. Short domain names are memorable

The lesser the number of characters tend to have fewer errors and are easy to remember. Also, including a keyword in the domain name helps your website to shine during search engine queries. But, importantly make sure that you do not cross beyond eight characters and don’t use hyphens, as they are going to be difficult to remember. Domain names should maximum be of three syllables and not more. The unique and shorter your domain name the easier for the audience to remember.

select a name with a wider spectrum

3. Try to select a name with a wide spectrum

Selecting a domain name that’s relevant to your industry delivers the message what your business is all about. However, don’t confine your domain name to a narrow vision should you want to expand your business to other segments of your industry. For example, you may choose a name like tastydonutshop and later introduce a whole new array of products apart from doughnuts. Then the name tastydonutshop has no leverage in attracting customers who may buy the other produce. Buying a new domain name later will be frustrating as you will have to restart promoting your website from scratch.

research your domain name

4. Research your domain name

You get the name that you have thought for your business. Congratulations! However, consider some thought in checking whether the name does not belong to some other business. Worst case if the name has been trademarked, you can get involved in some pretty ugly legal spat with the other party. Search the USPTO database for your domain name/business name availability and save yourself some trouble and stress later.

use domain name generators or consultants

5. Use domain name generators or consultants

There are numerous domain name generator sites where unique names and are available freely. But there are chances you may not agree on the results. This is where you can commission a domain name consultant who for a fee can suggest some options that can be best suited for your business after understanding your requirements. Such consultants make sure that they deliver you with a clean and problem-free name that you can use with ease.

domain name conclusion

So, if you are starting a new business or a blog, we hope that our guide assists you with a clear path to creating a name that you can use as a domain name and a business name free of all legal implications. We at Zeefa Technologies hope to bring our audience and customers solutions that they can apply to their businesses in real life and achieve progress in their endeavors.