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Web Hosting

We are committed to offering more than the usual “Managed WordPress Hosting”. We all propose the same primary services. So, what sets Zeefa Technologies different from the lot? It is pure, unadulterated service. We are committed to going beyond hosting. We are committed to you, your business, and your websites—in that precise order.

Masters in Customer Care:

We stretch the extra miles, exercising the concierge method to each website that you host with us. Patience is what we practice in our daily routine to get well-equipped to offer impeccable service to our customers. Staying calm in times of stress is one of the greatest qualities to possess in this industry. This is a quality we have developed over the years to make our customers feel at ease when they conduct business with us.
The capacity to solve customer queries without the customer having to describe it in detail is a sign that one is remarkably knowledgeable of their product/service. For example, a customer calls asking how to correct something, and we can resolve their query, breaking it down to each step without requesting for additional input. This is what your experience with Zeefa Technologies will be.

Simple Hosting Procedures:

Hosting should be uncomplicated, yet there are hosting providers that make it resemble technological ordeal (especially for people who aren’t technically skillful). Granted that the server architecture, security and features like CDN, caching, and backups matter, but every hosting provider is well versed with it and hence it’s not much of a game-changer experience for you.

The bulk of the hosting providers and certainly the most accomplished WordPress and Magento host companies all offer you some iteration of these standard specialties and technologies that makes hosting your site easy and functional. So, when you are shopping for a hosting solution the distinctions are about the relationships, the affordability, and the scalability to satisfy the most demanding
sites with huge traffic requirements. At Zeefa Technologies we have all that covered from the get-go.

Now, ready to get started? Contact Zeefa Technologies today and set up a detailed consultation for your design project.

24/7 Support:

It’s performing the extra mile, taking that five-star butler approach to each client site. Whether you are hosting a single site with lower than average traffic, multiple sites with millions of page views, or your agency generates numbers of sites per year, Zeefa Technologies is concerned to offer you with that extra support and attentiveness required for every one of our clients.

We give pre-migration and post-migration evaluations to guarantee your website performance is optimized. We also operate with our clients to assist them in getting rid of their problems. Magento and WordPress themes, plugins, and other assets on your site influence how well your site functions regardless of the server architecture or redundancy. Our team of Magento and WordPress experts examines each site, presenting suggestions when suited to help escort our customers to a more solid Magento and WordPress experience. And we’re accessible 24/7 to guarantee you get the cooperation you need.


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Diagnostic Consultation

Our support team is recognized for its capability to recognize, analyze, and fix any problems that may occur with your site. And to equip you with the best support attainable, our team offers Diagnostic Consultation to help assure your site is functioning at its best.

Rather than informing you about problems that negatively influence site performance, like redundant queries against the database, our team will continue into the queries and help distinguish the distinct functions in the code that are generating the problem. The team will also assist in guiding you and your team on solving the problem. We are accessible 24/7 to support you with any issues that may occur.