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Professional Photo Editing

The professional photo editing services provided by Zeefatech perfectly meet the requirements of professional photographers who are busy and want to get the retouching load of their back or for amateur photographers who are not well versed with the software and want their photographs edited professionally.

Our photo editing services for photographers are equipped to take care of all your requirements in portrait, landscape, wedding, new-born, real estate and eCommerce product photography.

When you hire Zeefatech for your photo retouching requirements you are guaranteed professional, affordable and reliable services. Experience amazing outcomes provided by our qualified photo editors who will perform magic on your photos.

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Zeefatech professional photo editing specializes in photo retouching, image corrections and alterations. So, should you choose to consider photo retouching services for your project, then we are the right people for you. We offer affordable prices for retouching per photo so that everyone can afford the photos to be retouched at Zeefatech.

Our professional image retouch experts are willing to take on all that photo editing work that you can offer. We are the experts in performing clipping path, photo background removal, image masking, image retouch and overhaul, color correction and other images and photo editing services.

Zeefatech as with other services it provides has set a standard in the area of image editing and restoration by delivering high-quality results. With our time-tested process, we achieve quick turnaround time thereby offering our customers fast delivery of their assignments. All you must do is simply send your photo editing assignment with clear instructions on what you want us to do with your image and we will do it for you. It’s as simple as that!

We are always available to make your photos picture-perfect, be it the photo of your  products for an online store or restoring an image of a dear one which is fading away with the time.

Our expert team extracts every image very carefully and accurately without even missing a single necessary dot or a strand of hair in a picture. We help prepare and polish images by removing the background before they can be presented on an online platform. We work on restoring the quality of an image by applying various graphic techniques and Photoshop tools.

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Clipping Path

Clipping Path is a technique that helps isolate an image from a background. Photo Clipping Path requires technically trained Photoshop experts who can manipulate and edit the photo in a proficient manner without tarnishing the original quality of the image.

Our editing masters can extract every image accurately without even losing any details from the image, be it a dot or a strand of hair. Our Clipping Path Service is relied upon by graphic design studios, digital and offset print companies and advertising companies. We are ever ready to begin with bulk images from companies or dozen images by individual photographers. We provide the best images through our clipping path service and vouch to exceed your expectations.

Fashion Retouching

You may be a photographer, who is good at high-end photo retouching, but then you have no time to spend in front of the computer going through the tedious chore of retouching and missing out on new businesses as well as keeping up with commitments. Fashion photography retouching becomes tough if you have photoshoots during the daytime and then spend the night retouching your work. This habit can take a toll on your health which is why our image technicians at Zeefatech can help you with the postproduction photography services at a nominal price range that will make you happy

Zeefatech provides fashion photography retouching with the help of photo editing software. The convenience of editing RAW files in such software, we can edit TIFF, PNG and JPEG files with ease. We offer you amazing body part augmentation, fixing up the make-up, change lips form to your expectation and get rid of the wrinkled lines, acne and other insensitive features. Stray hair is flawlessly removed while retouching and the same is true both for the fly-away hair and crosshairs as well. Refined beauty and fashion retouching are always a difficult expertise to master but our experts at Zeefatech are steadfast in achieving amazing results for our clients.

Product Retouching

Product retouching is the service mainly used by our clients who deal in online business and eCommerce stores. However, our services for product enhancement is also used for food photography, advertising photography and fashion photography.

We offer photo editing of products by adding new details or touches to images for correction or improvement. Our aim is to make the photo more attractive for customers to buy the product instantly. We believe that an image if properly edited can augment the buying experience for the customer and can decide quickly in selecting the product. To achieve perfection, product photography retouch experts at Zeefatech use different tools and methods whilst considering the importance of color, shape and texture.

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Photo Editing for Professionals

Zeefatech has a new service for actors, photographers, agents, studios, and models providing digital headshot retouching according to all photography standards.

Headshot retouching implies to the portrait post-processing and fashion industry. Not only amateurs but veteran actors and top models, and celebrities need headshot retouching support. Thanks to our team we can offer amazing photo editing with fast turnaround so that our clients are happy with the results.

Our service aims to clean the final headshot flaws, zits, under-eye circles, stray hairs, yellow teeth, visible scars, skin smoothing, removal of face shine, grease, sweat and unnecessary lighting. Removing or replacing the background on the headshot is also an additional service that we offer to our clients.
Many photographers don’t provide retouch as part of their package. With Zeefatech you should not worry about how to make a headshot look professional. We are delighted to tell you that our customers come to us often for our headshot retouch service and fast turnaround. The quality of our work is unparalleled at the prices we have.

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Image Editing

Image editing software have become popular for photo manipulation and augmentation. The influence of such software is used every minute on the internet and in real life to create better looking images. Technology has left a mark on everybody and the advancements in the software amaze us every day. Advertisements, promotions and other familiar things are captured everywhere around us. So, it is not surprising that our society has high standards for literally everything in our lives. And photographs taken and edited must be as perfect as everything else. And therefore, image editing is in demand and a necessity for better results. Currently, digital art is also playing a great part in creating images that needs editing to enhance the beauty for better prospects of sale and retention for the buyer.


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Image Retouching

Our image retouching service is a photo editing process where an image is edited and manipulated to its maximum output. Retouching is a rigorous process that requires skilled photo editors who know their job very well. The more details required in the retouch assignment the more time is consumed even by master craftsmen. If you yearn better and ultimate results, then Zeefatech has the skills to help you achieve those results. Our artists are experts in retouching the eyes, skin, re-shaping the body, chin and cheeks. Moreover, we can also customize our styling as per your demands to deliver results that is expected from your audience. For instance, you request that your images to have no creases, no folds, highly proportioned sides, we can deliver that for you. We have several high-end retouching services like jewelry retouching, wedding photo retouching, real estate augmentation, product photo retouching etc. These are one of many services we can provide a high-end result in the final stage of retouching.

Competition is extreme in all businesses these days and stay on top your product needs to shine brightly like a beacon. So, if you need exclusive, sophisticated and top-notch retouched images that will increase the sale of your products and thereby a better business then contacting us is the most logical thing you can do right now.