Purchasing a domain space can be tricky. At times we feel that this needs to be addressed time and again to arm new domain owners in venturing into domain space shopping. Here are five ways you can make sure that you are getting a better deal from your domain space.

why do you want a website

1.   Why do you want a website?

You may want to get rid of all the pesky ads that keep showing when you register for free space. Maybe you may want to register in a money-making program and need a professional website. Better still, you want to get a reliable hosting service which will portray you as a credible entity. Whatever the reason may be. You must be clear in your requirements before buying a domain space.

budget of the domain space

2. Consider the budget of the domain space.

This can be a tricky situation even for seasoned buyers. These days due to the competition domain service providers offer irresistible deals for domain servers bundled with other services which may or may not be suitable for your project. The deals are often tempting, but you have to be vigilant about the hidden charges that will appear during the renewal of your package. Understand your domain usage and buy domain services that you are going to use properly and only from credible agencies

Does the domain size fit you

3. How much domain size is enough?

To outdo competitors, domain providers hound customers with schemes offering space ranging from gigabytes to terabytes. However, one must comprehend that a normal website requires a few hundred megabytes of space. This is when we considering a gamut of high-quality images thrown in. If you are implementing a WordPress or a Magento platform you would still be shy of touching the one-gigabyte range. Unless you have an image-heavy eCommerce portal, investing in huge domain space is ineffective.

is the os worth considering

4. Is the operating system worth considering?

There are majorly two operating systems that dominate the internet universe. The Unix/Linux based Apache servers and the Windows based .NET servers. If you are looking for a cheap no-frills website that features static pages, then look no further from the Windows version as they are economical. However, if you are looking toward eCommerce or in need of a robust environment then the Unix/Linux based servers have got you covered. So, if you are considering developing a website that may go towards the eCommerce platform in the future or you require a more dependable environment that can handle the traffic, then we recommend the Unix/Linux anytime for its sheer practicality and security.

php-cgi or php-fpm


What are these and why should I bother? If you are utilizing the PHP language in your web development, then you need to specify the protocol in which the web server is able to understand the transferring of data.

A CGI program is any program devised to receive and deliver data following the CGI standards. Primarily, it is a means to run a server-side script like PHP, Perl and Python when an HTTP request occurs. CGI programs have better security than FPM as the PHP code execution is separated from a web server. However, it falls short in performance if you have a traffic-heavy website.

FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) on the other hand, permits a website to manipulate arduous loads in an optimized manner without burdening the system’s memory with PHP processes. Such robust performance is best suited for busier websites without hogging on resources and leaving a smaller memory footprint for smooth reloads without hindering other queries.

practicality should empower your budget

To sum up, affordability isn’t always the solution. Make sure to choose a provider that is dependable and will not shut shop on you. It can be horrifying if such a thing were to happen. You can potentially lose out all the hard work done on your website and will need to start from scratch. if you have a popular site then you need to go for a professional package and steer away from considering any cheap versions.