Computer Generated Imagery


Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the future of digital production. But a decade ago, CGI was not the ideal solution; many considered it to be expensive and impractical. In this day and age, CGI's reach and application is boundless. It has changed visual art production, be it a still image or a 3D animation video, the cost of production is low, and quality of output is high.

CGI is used to produce photo-realistic images; this opens doors to new possibilities. It is cost-efficient in comparison to traditional product photography and videography. With CGI, it's possible to visualize & market your product before producing it.

In a nutshell, CGI is a creative and cost-effective solution, and we do it best. Our team of experienced CGI artist are pushing artistic boundaries, with a skilled workforce and a competent infrastructure, Zeefa is ready to meet the business requirement of client from any business domain. Creativity has no limitations, and we think out of the box. We don't restrict our self in any way; we keep pushing our artistic boundaries. The possibilities with CGI is open-ended, and we specialize in diverse styles and designs, ranging from photo-realistic visuals, animations to conceptual look, we do it all.

3D Concept Visualizations

We are masters in producing high-quality Photo-realistic Renderings of product, architectural design and the standards expected to create 3D Concept Visualizations that adequately suits your needs. We specialize in developing a product prototype, architectural design.

Photo-realistic Images

It is possible to produce photo-realistic images with CGI. It has opened the doors to new possibilities. It is cost-efficient in comparison to traditional product photography.

Lifestyle Image

We provide a mix media solution which allows our clients to add lifestyle elements on an image. We enhance the quality of the image and manipulate it to our client liking.