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The digital world has evolved to an exponential degree. Today almost everything can be done in this digital space. The world has shrunk tremendously allowing a business to conduct in a matter of seconds. Even personal brand imaging has gone digital. So, to be current with the times, if you are interested in promoting your business in the digital world like Social Media, Web & Mobile Applications, Search Engines or Email, you have reached the right place. Our expertise at Zeefa Technologies include marketing via Social Media, Content Creation in Text and Video, Display Strategies and Search Marketing. We are here to help you with the best strategies that are tailor-made for your business after thoroughly analyzing your case. We make sure that the solutions we devise for you will work for you and garner better ROI.


Don’t fret on spending a fortune over a hosting space. Don’t get lured by the unrealistic sales pitch that makes you spend more money. Try Zeefa Technologies and check out our solutions for your business. We have the best solutions for you after thoroughly understanding your current business requirement and understanding the scalability of your requirement in the future. Our cloud-based hosting space will offer you the peace of mind in terms of security and our customer support team will be right there with you at every step of the process whenever you need them. High and in-demand Cloud Hosting, Magento Hosting, WordPress Hosting and VPS Hosting are now available with Zeefa Technologies to make your website build as easy as 1-2-3. Begin your journey with us today.


Our team at Zeefa Technologies in all three locations intend to offer you functional design solutions for your website using the WordPress, Magento and HTML5 technology. Zeefa Technologies firmly believe in offering the best solutions to their clients making sure that their budget is not compromised. We strongly understand that the website that we design should work for you and help you in delivering your expectations that means sales and better presence. We also feel that the customers visiting your website should feel comfortable while navigating through the web pages and have a better user experience. To achieve such goals, we examine your business model and plan out the structure. Later we finalize the design to give your website a visual appeal. We need to achieve the practicality of your website, a fluidic user experience, further strengthened by pleasing aesthetics for our clients and their audiences. We believe in offering our clients a cohesive product that works for them.


From minimalist website to sophisticated enterprise portals, we develop applications keeping your requirements at heart. We want to make sure that your expectations have been met if not surpassed. Although, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations and in most cases we do. Our team conducts meticulous research with your business goal in mind and map out the optimal structure for your web application in association with your business team. After finalization of the structure, we forward the project to our design team, instructed to deliver amazing visual treats for you and audiences. Our team here at Zeefa Technologies are steadfast in developing applications that can adapt to different devices using responsive technology. We believe that your audience should have a wonderful experience when they use your application using whatever device they fancy. We believe that the application that we develop for you should deliver as per your expectation and surpass them.



Zeefa Technologies features expert web designers, UX designers, coders, and testers to make your e-commerce website development successful. We deliver e-commerce sites created using the best practices and our development focus is on creating a site that generates revenue for our clients. We have profound love for our clientele and we strive hard to deliver the service they rightfully deserve. Here at Zeefa Technologies, we make sure that your phone calls are received and are quickly responded for turn around projects. We build B2C websites keeping in mind the user practicality, progress of your business, and assured compatibility with search engine optimization. We offer website design alternatives for all budget. We can support you to install and maintain your online store. We build B2B websites as well that will assist you to sell products in bulk using secure payment and discount options. These eCommerce websites will be an asset for your company and are sure winners when you laugh all the way to the bank.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you worried about your company’s future? Are you struggling to make sales online? Then you have reached the right place. There are a lot of hurdles an online business must face in the current digital market and it becomes imperative to take some concrete actions to resolve them. There are times when you are all flustered up with the technicalities and here you wish you had someone who can understand your challenges and help you overcome them resulting in better sales figures and online presence. Zeefa Technologies is here to help you figure out the nuances of the market and guide you in developing a brand-new strategy that will build your business online and make your website valuable. We groom your online business and develop it to adopt the latest inbound marketing and digital sale techniques. We will be helping you to build your company as a trusted source of information that your consumers will find valuable and would want to partner with you. What we are doing for you is helping you build your business from Ground Zero.

Graphic Designing

In a cutthroat marketplace, your business demands outcomes. At Zeefa Technologies, our main objective is to prepare your business with the tools to garner best results. We accomplish this by offering our full range of services in the graphic designing domain.

Do you want to revive and refresh your current design? Get your marketing materials a refreshed and more contemporary look to look attract the current market? We have professional designers in our work force who can assist you to shine vis a vis your competition. Do you need a variety of print and sign product designs? Then, we are your one stop shop, look no further.

Our primary goal has always been to help build our client’s brand and increase their return on investments.

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“Working with Zeefa was like hiring a staff of in house talents. The turnaround time was very quick and all my requirements where handled very professional.”

Donald Gonsalves, MD - EBC&D

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